Sample Course Summary

“Nuts & Bolts of Implant Treatment from Planning to Completion, from Single Tooth to the Complex Case: Reviewing Techniques and New Technologies to Achieve Predictable Success”


  • Understand patient’s wants and needs and transform them into case acceptance
  • Treatment Plan from diagnostic wax-up to CBCT and radiographic guides, along with surgical template design, while weighing the multiple risk factors and their impact on success
  • Understand the variables in implant selection and positioning
  • Identify potential esthetic challenges, including bone grafting and ridge preservation requirements
  • Distinguish factors affecting immediate load vs. progressive loading and other critical concepts of implant occlusion
  • Understand the role of provisionals and biomechanics for success in progressive loading
  • Address the challenges and solutions to anterior implant esthetics
  • Learn temporization techniques in fixed cases and test esthetics while creating and transferring custom emergence profile
  • Aid your lab by duplicating soft tissue emergence profiles to predictably manage your esthetic goals, including use of Digital Scanning.
  • Understand differences in Overdenture attachment selection and techniques


Utilizing the principles and technologies that contribute greatly to long-term success in implant treatment, you can alleviate a great deal of stress while contributing to significantly increased practice profitability. In this course, Dr. Fagin will ensure that you learn new insights on a range of topics from Fixed to Removable Implant cases and gain confidence in overcoming challenges and creating long term implant success with a TEAM approach. Bring your team and get them on-board to maximize results.