Karen G.

Karen G. Before and After Pictures

“My before & after photos are quite impressive! Can’t believe I waited as long as I did to go through the reconstructive process. I am VERY happy with the final product. Thank-you for your hard work & expertise in dentistry. You came highly recommended by multiple dentists to me & I can certainly see why. You take such pride in your work; but most importantly you really care about your patients and how their looks will improve. Thank you for your great concern, your follow up phone calls and attention to every detail! I know I was truly a challenge. It was a long process for me, but so worth the time involved. I am very grateful!! You have my permission to display my before and after photos. I’m sure they will encourage others when they see such vast improvements.”

Dr. Fagin’s Response

Often times in life we find ourselves giving from our hearts because something truly touched us, because we cared so much, because we wanted to make a difference. Giving happens in so many ways. There should be a social networking site to share all the wonderful things people do for others. It would reignite and accelerate the “pass-it-forward” concept. All of you can relate to the joy in the gift of giving, but also to the unexpected and often overwhelming emotional joy that comes from those you have given of yourself to.When we get letters from patients like the one below, I feel so thankful, so humbled and so enriched by the them. I feel fortunate to share each day with a great team. More than anything that touches our lives is the love, hugs and sincere gratitude of all those we touch, as we feel fulfilled. Thank you for your trust and gratitudes. Thank you to my great team for helping to make this all possible. We look forward to creating many more smiles to enable our patients to enhance their lives so much more than they may have thought possible.

Thank you to Karen G. for this beautiful touching letter this past month and enjoy seeing the before and after pictures. Pass it on and keep on giving.

– Dr. Fagin

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Fagin’s for 30 plus years! He is a miracle worker. My first removal bridge and permanent bridge lasted 30 years. Recently replaced with a fabulous removable bridge and implants where possible. I’m so delighted with the results! Dr. Fagin is the best and Sue is compassionate and always willing to help help make one feel comfortable!!”
Susan O’Connor Baird

Abby Before and After

“The difference between my teeth before and after is vast and I can not express how thankful I am to you and your staff. I love my new teeth and I loved that they were ready by my Wedding Day. It was a long journey, but the end result was wonderful. I smile more often now and I am not embarrassed by my mouth. Your work is truly amazing and I will look at my Wedding Pictures for years to come and always be happy with my decision to go through with everything. Thank you so much!”


“…how much I love my new Smile… your attention to detail is remarkable.”


“My new smile gives me more confidence in what I do for a living, but more than that, it gives me even more pleasure in everyday life experiences. I came to you because you were highly recommended and as time went on, I thoroughly understood why.”


“At the risk of sounding cliché…words cannot express my gratitude to you for your expertise. You changed my life by giving me peace of mind about my dental health. Your willingness to help me when I had a dental emergency was greatly appreciated. I do have the utmost respect for your knowledge and expertise and my gratitude knows no bounds. Please know that I recommend you highly – your entire staff is wonderful, caring, and respectful of the patient.”


“Thanks again to everyone there for being such incredibly nice people. You were all so sympathetic and kind.”


“Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did to fix my smile…I love the results! It looks so natural, as you assured me it would. You assembled a fabulous team of specialists to work with me and accomplish more than I ever dreamed possible.

Now that I’m done, we’ll start my husband!”


Moria before and after

“I know I simply would not have trusted anyone but you to work on my mouth since these new veneers would dramatically change and improve my appearance. Your staff is outstanding too, so caring and so professional. Please know I am already telling others, friends and clients about you and your organization.”


“When I walked into Dr. Marshall Fagin’s office a little over a year ago I fully expected to be told “Sorry but we can’t help you.” I’m one those patients who because of health reasons has a very hard time taking impressions for dentures. I was told by my dentist to see Dr. Fagin because he would be the only one who could help me. Dr. Fagin and his team made me feel right at home and their positive attitude gave me hope and a feeling of “everything is possible!” I have Sjoegren’s Syndrome which means I have no saliva, and without saliva there is no guarantee that dentures will hold. I also have a small mouth opening and it was a challenge to take impressions, but with the help of implants which were put in by Dr. Donnarumma, who works closely with Dr. Fagin, and a lot determination and patience I have dentures which fit perfectly and I actually forget that I’m wearing them.

Dr. Fagin, thank you for taking me on as your patient, I will recommend you to anyone who will listen….because in my book you are the best Prosthodontist in town!”


“My front Laminates are so natural that the hygienist at my general dentist’s office thought they were my own teeth! I remain grateful for your expertise.”


“I can tell you that you cannot make a better choice. I have known Marshall professionally, as a colleague and as a close friend, since our dental school days in the late 60’s. Not only is he a fine prosthodontist, but a very seasoned & polished speaker.”

Howard L. Pranikoff