Sample Course Summary

Tips & Tricks for more Predictable Outcomes in Fixed Prosthetics….Pearls to use on Monday

Get excited about the latest technologies, from lasers to temporization and impression techniques (including digital impressioning), and ceramic materials, and integrate them with many ‘pearls’ for current day treatments.  Learn how to minimize frustrations and create more predictability that will be applicable tomorrow in your practice, raising your vision for engineering dental esthetics to a New Standard of Excellence. Learn the little things that make big differences in both tooth and implant supported fixed cases, leading to increased productivity, profitability and better more consistant outcomes, while leaving you passionate about getting there. And learn how the digital world can truly make a difference.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to get the patient to say “Yes” to treatment.
  • Learn how Function and Esthetics come together in optimizing anterior guidance and control the ultimate in aesthetic outcomes.
  • Learn how to resolve several fixed prosthetic challenges that may otherwise hinder your overall performance and productivity, with multiple ‘pearls’ on tooth preparation, temporization (including implants), impressioning (including digital options), bite relations and shade communication with TIME & MONEY SAVING TECHNIQUES.
  • Learn soft-tissue diode laser techniques and single through double cord techniques for creating predictable impression outcomes, whether with tray materials or digital impressions.
  • Learn when & how to create ‘U-veneers’ quickly and beautifully in minutes
  • With a multitude of All-Ceramic choices available, learn how to make the right choice, with great lab communication options.
  • Learn the 3 Key questions to ask in deciding what cement to use and also the impact of cement shade choice on overall shade outcomes
  • Leave feeling diagnostically and clinically more competent and confident in your fixed prosthetic techniques and treatment planning, from diagnostic wax-up through ‘cementation’ options for retention and improved color control.